Small Business Emergency Grant


In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Economic Alliance in partnership with Twisp Works will initiate a grant opportunity for small businesses in Okanogan County. The first funding cycle will take place between May 11 – May 20th, with grant awards determined on May 21st. The Economic Alliance will award 10 grants of $1,500 with the hope of opening a second funding cycle as additional funds allow, under the framework of “Relief versus Recovery.”

The award can be used for either immediate relief (paying rent, utilities, and other fixed business expenses), preparing for reopening (Purchase of PPE for employees) or for recovery purposes (projects to help make these businesses more resilient and viable for the future). Examples of recovery include, the cost of creating a website, establishing a paypal or other online purchasing format, constructing a takeout window, at-home salon services, etc.


The purpose of these awards is to reach some of the unreached businesses in Okanogan County. We recognize that not all businesses have equal access to resources in the county. As part of our outreach to the community during this pandemic, we have learned of many small businesses who have either been in business a very short time, do not qualify for federal assistance, or are in other ways invisible to the public. Examples of these businesses include small restaurants without a web presence, self-employed landscapers, house cleaners, massage therapists, hair stylists, and other service-oriented industries without which, our county could not persist. We want to encourage these small businesses by giving them immediate funds with which to operate and or encourage them to expand their business to increase their resilience and aptitude for the future.


1. Businesses must demonstrate immediate need, i.e., be shut down because of Covid-19, or have lost significant revenue.

2. Businesses must supply an EIN or UBI number.

3. Upon award, businesses will supply a photo to be used for promotional material and a short paragraph of 500 words stating how the award helped them.

4. Applicants must be over 18 years old and eligible to work and operate a business in the United States.

5. Applicants cannot be existing Economic Alliance or TwispWorks board member or employees of either organization.