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Okanogan County COVID-19 Business Impact Survey 2021

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 Local Resources:

Okanogan County Emergency Management Services:

Okanogan County Public Health:

Okanogan County Community Action Council:

Twisp Works:

Northwest Native Development Fund:

CCT Emergency Management:

Colville Tribal Credit:

Central Washington Homebuilder’s Association:

Methow Arts Alliance:

Washington Tourism Alliance:

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Association of Washington Businesses:  

US Government/Federal Resources

Centers for Disease Control:

SBA Disaster Assistance Loans: SBA will be providing up to $2 million in Disaster Assistance Loans for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19.  Disaster Assistance Loans

SBA Payment Protection Program Program: A SBA loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the COVID-19 crises.

SBA – Planning and response to COVID-19 impacts in the workplace:

SBA – Export Financing Assistance:

 IRS Extends 2020 Tax Filing Date: The President has instructed the Treasury Department to allow individuals and businesses negatively affected by the coronavirus to defer their tax payments beyond the April 15 filing deadline. The IRS would also waive interest payments or other penalties for missing the deadline.

USDA Disaster Resource Center:

National Association of Homebuilders:

Washington State Resources

One Stop Shop COVID-19 Page for Washington State:

Washington State Official COVID-19 Site for Business & Workers:

Washington State Department of Revenue Business Resources:

Washington Department of Health – COVID-19 Information:

Department of Commerce – Business crisis   Planner:

Washington State Dept of Health – Workplace:

Washington State Employment Security Department has a great website for employers and workers with a Q&A section with different scenarios that you might be facing. They have made emergency rules specific to COVID-19.

Export assistance for companies needing to expand to new markets:

 Excise Tax Filing Assistance: The Washington State Department of Revenue will work with businesses that cannot file or pay their excise taxes on time due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Affected businesses may qualify for filing extensions or penalty waivers. Learn more »

Export Voucher Program: The Washington State Department of Commerce Export Assistance Team is available to help companies that need vouchers to help pay for some of the costs for certain business needs.  Find out if you are eligible »

B&O Tax: The Washington State Department of Revenue is allowing businesses to request a one-time, 24-month penalty waiver if you have not owed a late penalty in the last 24 months. Also, businesses can request a 30-day extension of B&O taxes without payment or 30+ days with deposit. For more information, call (360) 705-6705.

WA Small Business Development Center is offering no-change online webinars including multiple scheduled “Keeping the Lights On; a Business Resiliency Webinar”.  Here is the link to list of these webinars with dates:

Washington State Unemployment: If you or an employee is affected by COVID-19, Employment Security has programs that may be able to help. The agency has adopted a series of emergency rules to relieve the burden of temporary layoffs, isolation, and quarantine for workers and businesses. Learn more »

Paid Family and Medical Leave: If you are sick with COVID-19, as with any other illness, a healthcare provider must certify that you are unable to work in order to qualify for Paid Family and Medical Leave. Quarantine (and school closures) are not qualifying events under this program. It is recommended that you use employer-provided paid sick leave if available.

SharedWork Program: SharedWork is a voluntary business sustainability program that provides flexibility to retain employees at reduced hours. This is a little known but powerful program to help workers stay employed while drawing needed benefits. Learn more »

Department of Financial Resources Institutions: Here is a list of financial resources for Washington Residents impacted by COVID-19.

Building Industry Association of Washington:

WaFD Bank 5-year business lines of credit with 90 days interest free:

Advice from an WA SBDC advisor on immediate lending opportunities for Small Businesses:

  1. Clients needing access to more funds pronto should start first with either:
  2. SBA Express Loan – Turnaround decision of 36 hours
  3. SBA Cap lines – Turnaround time??
  4. SBA Export Express Loan – 24 Hours
  5. SBA Export Working Capital – 5 to 10 days
  6. OR how about just ringing up their bank and asking what they can do immediately in terms of short-term coverage??
  7. IF client gets declined for any/all of those it goes to support the requirement of the EIDL program that they have tried to get capital elsewhere
  8. All indications are that SBA EID loans are going to be weeks away from clients ever seeing dough
  9. Another option – tap alternative lending platforms for quick access to cash decisions like:
  14. Last resort: merchant account cash advance programs, kills cash flow but if a merchant can get cash to pay bills now and essentially closed for business…there is no repayment out of non-existent daily receipts. Unlikely that these could then be re-finance with EIDL because the biz has essentially got access to capital so clients should really have an end game in mind.